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Your return policy:

After you receive this time, we should not date back to be received no contact within 14 days after the return of the goods.

Back Give work up to 14 days if you do get a note back before.

We hope you are happy with your purchase but it is not so, we will back you lost a sale, any kind of upset after the date of receipt of your return within 14 days of our work that returned to us. When we returned items, please send in your return, but without full address will not destroy or return sealed bag forms of relevant information.

conditions will be notified via e-customer, is considered unsold items will refuse any return.

Note: (any transaction since the conditions) you must be returned to the sender to inform the buyer within 14 days, must be announced not accept the return of any item, or can be removed. Customers return their items sold will be charged 3.99 £ shipping.

back to one thing:

we follow these steps, please return to your portfolio:

sealed bags, labels and tags attached packed 1.Re project.

2. If you lose your address to send back will return address labels (you can order) Note that this is a pre-paid label is just a label of quality.

3. through post office counters and will take office as proof of the following back by mail. There are no packaging can not be achieved through after posting.As certificate on the horizon is not your responsibility, PO Box package. Back the way we recommend to use customer service, we will lose not assume any responsibility for parcel packages.

Your e-mail security certificate 4.Keep, your response will be needed as evidence. Back 5. After you have received up to 14 days to return your account, we recive meet customer back, we have noted, do not include credited.Please no shipping costs, you can receive e-mail included account went back (S).

I can not share:

Unfortunately, at this moment, we can not handle the exchange of time. If you want to return part of the review, something, we will be happy to develop your back to return the goods.